Social Services PT. Astom Indonesia 2019

"Sharing happiness with PT. Astom Indonesia"

Social Service is a routine activity carried out by all employees, Kopkar, PUK and DKM Masjid An Nur (PT. Astom Indonesia). At the end of each year where we always set aside some windfall and do social services, activities filled with assistance in the form of food, food, and sharing happiness and moral support to the community in every place.

This activity was formed in order to achieve a sense of concern for the people in need ranging from orphanages, boarding schools, dhuafa and places affected by natural disasters as carried out by fellow representatives of PT. Astom Indonesia at the beginning of each year. In the period of 2019, social services were held in Sumber Jaya village, Sumur, Banten on Saturday, January 26, 2019.

At that time Team Baksos distributed assistance to our brothers and sisters affected by the Earthquake &tsunami disaster and crossed paths to Pondok Pesantren Panti Yatim and Orphan in Padegelang, Banten and provided compensation to orphans & orphans.

There are many lessons that can be taken from social devotional activities ranging from adding insight and social knowledge, helping to form one's attitude and personality, fostering a high sense of morality, fostering a passion for new inspiration, developing personality and mutual care, being able to feel the beauty of sharing with others, and we can be happy when we can give something useful to others.

Hopefully every year employees, Kopkar, PUK and DKM An Nur PT Astom Indonesia still aretiqomah organizing social service activities. It can also increase donations for people in need. Aamiin


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