Break The Fast with Employees of Ramadan 1441 H

"Blessings of Ramadan"

In addition to the typical iftar food dishes during the fasting month. Another thing that most people wait for is breaking the fast together with family, relatives, or coworkers. Breaking the fast together can be used as a means of silaturahim rope with colleagues at school or co-workers. In improving harmony and silahturahmi rope between workers, PT Astom Indonesia held an iftar event with all workers and orphans invited by the Company.

The joint open event was held on Friday, May 24, 2019 and was filled with various activities such as tausiah activities hosted by Ust. Lili Gozali, giving compensation to orphans, as well as eating iftar dishes together provided by the company.

The wisdom of opening together is to add knowledge, open social interaction in the company environment, because the momentum of Ramadan is to improve yourself into a better person and avoid futile actions. And increase cooperation between individuals and each department.


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