Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PT. Astom Indonesia together with Yayasan Pertiwi.

"Care about Early Childhood Education"

The company's concern for the surrounding environment is one of the obligations that must be done by every company in Indonesia. In Indonesia, concern for the surrounding environment is referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility. According to Law No. 40 of 2007 on Limited Liability Companies, Csr Social Responsibility is the Company's commitment to participate in sustainable economic development to improve the quality of life and the environment that is beneficial, both for the Company itself, the local community, and the community in general.

One of the things that became social care PT. Astom Indonesia for the surrounding environment is the importance of children's education at an early age for children in the environment of Sukaresmi Village. Early childhood education is one form of education that focuses on laying the foundation towards physical growth and development (fine and gross motor coordination), intelligence (thinking power, copyright, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence), socio-emotional (attitudes and behaviors and religion) language and communication, in accordance with the uniqueness and stages of development through which early childhood. (Adalilla, S, 2010).

 As a form of application of such concern, PT. Astom Indonesia together with Yayasan Pertiwi in Sukaresmi Village assisted in the procurement of facilities and school equipment Paud Kober Tunas Mekar XIII in Kampung Pegaulan, Sukaresmi village in order to operate. The community around Pegaulan Village, especially for parents, feels very helpful because it is useful for the development of education of their children who live in the village of Pegaulan Sukaresmi Village.

Concern for the surrounding environment and others is not only done because of obligations based on regulations, but because of the desire to make the environment or the surrounding community for a better life. For this reason, the management of PT. Astom Indonesia also always invites all its workers to have a sense of care and can apply it even with small actions but useful for the environment and others.


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