Checking Motor Vehicle Workers PT. Astom Indonesia.

"Safety from us and for us"

            Traffic Accidents is one of the concerns for all parties, especially every company in Bekasi Regency. Remembering from the words by the police at the time of Safety Riding at PT. Astom Indonesia at the previous time, he said that "the most accident victims were experienced by workers of a company. Then he also said that a work accident occurred starting from a violation committed by a motor vehicle dealer. The things included in traffic violations are incomplete motor vehicle papers, vehicles not in accordance with the standards specified by the vehicle manufacturer and safety rules in motor vehicles.

            Given this, the P2K3 Team pt. Astom Indonesia created a program related to concerns for traffic safety from workers, one form of the program is the motor vehicle checking activities of PT. Astom Indonesia. The program aims to minimize traffic accidents or traffic violations experienced by PT workers. Astom Indonesia because the letters are not long or the condition of the vehicle is not standard according to safety rules. Motor vehicle checks carried out include checking the completeness of vehicle papers, driving licenses, as well as vehicle safety equipment such as, tire condition, rearview equipment, helmet use, sein light conditions and headlights.

            The results of the first inspection activity conducted in August 2019 found that the findings of workers' vehicles that are not standard and incomplete letters about 30% of the total vehicle drivers, then in the next check in September there was a decrease of about 10% of the total vehicle drivers. This activity will be carried out continuously so that safety targets, especially Traffic Safety, can be achieved and workers avoid accidents or traffic violations.


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