Astom Indonesia Job Openings

Human resources are an asset and the key to success for PT. Astom Indonesia. That's why we are looking for candidates who have high motivation to join our team.  You will work in an innovative industry, and be able to learn many things that suit your skills and motivations. With our existence as a company in the electrical component industry, candidates have the opportunity to implement their expertise. PT. Astom Indonesia is very dynamic because it is balanced with a collaborative environment, where everyone will be given support to develop professionally and personally.


Subject : ISO_Astom

Job Description:

  1. Coordinate the implementation of the management system in all processes.
  2. Coordinate the implementation of internal and external audit processes.
  3. Run administrative processes in managing documents and records.
  4. Perform ISO procedures
  5. Doing 5S activities

Candidate qualification:

  1. Woman.
  2. Educated Diploma 3 Engineering or Industrial Management.
  3. Fresh Graduate or at least 1 year experience in the same field.
  4. Have an ISO Internal Auditor Certificate (preferably).
  5. Able to operate a computer at least Ms. Office
  6. You can work independently or in teams.
  7. Able to communicate and coordinate well.


If you are interested in becoming part of PT. Astom Indonesia, you can contact us by the method below:




Go Green for the Future


One way to make the corporate environment greener, cooler and more beautiful is greening. One way is to plant hydroponics to be more practical, efficient with better plant quality. Types of vegetables that have been planted: mustard, kale and spinach.

Hydroponic planting has inspired many employees to make hydroponics at home.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PT. Astom Indonesia together with Yayasan Pertiwi.

"Care about Early Childhood Education"

The company's concern for the surrounding environment is one of the obligations that must be done by every company in Indonesia. In Indonesia, concern for the surrounding environment is referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility. According to Law No. 40 of 2007 on Limited Liability Companies, Csr Social Responsibility is the Company's commitment to participate in sustainable economic development to improve the quality of life and the environment that is beneficial, both for the Company itself, the local community, and the community in general.

One of the things that became social care PT. Astom Indonesia for the surrounding environment is the importance of children's education at an early age for children in the environment of Sukaresmi Village. Early childhood education is one form of education that focuses on laying the foundation towards physical growth and development (fine and gross motor coordination), intelligence (thinking power, copyright, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence), socio-emotional (attitudes and behaviors and religion) language and communication, in accordance with the uniqueness and stages of development through which early childhood. (Adalilla, S, 2010).

 As a form of application of such concern, PT. Astom Indonesia together with Yayasan Pertiwi in Sukaresmi Village assisted in the procurement of facilities and school equipment Paud Kober Tunas Mekar XIII in Kampung Pegaulan, Sukaresmi village in order to operate. The community around Pegaulan Village, especially for parents, feels very helpful because it is useful for the development of education of their children who live in the village of Pegaulan Sukaresmi Village.

Concern for the surrounding environment and others is not only done because of obligations based on regulations, but because of the desire to make the environment or the surrounding community for a better life. For this reason, the management of PT. Astom Indonesia also always invites all its workers to have a sense of care and can apply it even with small actions but useful for the environment and others.

DAMKAR Class C Training

"Fire alert, Fire extinguished, DAMKAR Jaya rich"

In fulfilling the provisions of the laws and regulations and improving security in the company environment is a commitment from PT. Astom Indonesia. In accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Manpower No. 186 of 1999 concerning Fire Suppression Units at Work. One of the company's obligations is to form an emergency response team. For that PT. Astom Indonesia provides Damkar Advanced Class C training to workers who have participated in Damkar Class D Training at the previous time.

The training was organized by Lantern Safety and held at the company in October 2019 for 3 weeks with training schedules every Friday and Saturday on 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th. As for the participants who participated in the training as many as 11 people represented from each department, namely:

  1. Production Department: Marjaya, Tumiran, Arie Wibowo
  2. HRD & GA Department: Ahmad Hariri, Ricky Rismanto, Joko Priyanto, Niman Kartiman
  3. PPC Department: Yugi Kusmayadi, Yandri Prasetya
  4. TDE Department: Sriyanto
  5. QA Department: Jumadi

In the "Class C" Damkar Training, participants were given understandings about equipment maintenance, fire hazard management, namely extinguishing fires using hydrants, in addition, participants were given training and simulations on First Aid in Accidents (First Aid).

Checking Motor Vehicle Workers PT. Astom Indonesia.

"Safety from us and for us"

            Traffic Accidents is one of the concerns for all parties, especially every company in Bekasi Regency. Remembering from the words by the police at the time of Safety Riding at PT. Astom Indonesia at the previous time, he said that "the most accident victims were experienced by workers of a company. Then he also said that a work accident occurred starting from a violation committed by a motor vehicle dealer. The things included in traffic violations are incomplete motor vehicle papers, vehicles not in accordance with the standards specified by the vehicle manufacturer and safety rules in motor vehicles.

            Given this, the P2K3 Team pt. Astom Indonesia created a program related to concerns for traffic safety from workers, one form of the program is the motor vehicle checking activities of PT. Astom Indonesia. The program aims to minimize traffic accidents or traffic violations experienced by PT workers. Astom Indonesia because the letters are not long or the condition of the vehicle is not standard according to safety rules. Motor vehicle checks carried out include checking the completeness of vehicle papers, driving licenses, as well as vehicle safety equipment such as, tire condition, rearview equipment, helmet use, sein light conditions and headlights.

            The results of the first inspection activity conducted in August 2019 found that the findings of workers' vehicles that are not standard and incomplete letters about 30% of the total vehicle drivers, then in the next check in September there was a decrease of about 10% of the total vehicle drivers. This activity will be carried out continuously so that safety targets, especially Traffic Safety, can be achieved and workers avoid accidents or traffic violations.

Family Gathering PT. Astom Indonesia 2019

"With Family All Achieved"

Harmony in the relationship between workers in one company is one of the things that is very important in influencing a company's development. One way to improve harmony between workers was realized by PT Astom Indonesia in the Familly Gathering pt. Astom Indonesia. The event is routinely held by the company every year and is attended by all pt. Astom Indonesia and the working families of PT. Astom Indonesia.

Familly Gathering PT. Astom Indonesia in 2019 was held on Saturday, July 06, 2019 at Go Wet Water Tourism Park, Tambun and attended by about 500 participants consisting of workers and working families of PT. Astom Indonesia. The Familly Gathering is filled with various activities, such as children's competitions, doorprize division, and free events where workers and working families can enjoy facilities and rides owned by Go Wet water tourism park, Tambun.

At the time of the event all participants seemed happy and had a meeting with other workers and working families. It is expected that the company can be intertwined continuously and remain harmonious not only at family gathering events, but at work and in the surrounding environment.

Break The Fast with Employees of Ramadan 1441 H

"Blessings of Ramadan"

In addition to the typical iftar food dishes during the fasting month. Another thing that most people wait for is breaking the fast together with family, relatives, or coworkers. Breaking the fast together can be used as a means of silaturahim rope with colleagues at school or co-workers. In improving harmony and silahturahmi rope between workers, PT Astom Indonesia held an iftar event with all workers and orphans invited by the Company.

The joint open event was held on Friday, May 24, 2019 and was filled with various activities such as tausiah activities hosted by Ust. Lili Gozali, giving compensation to orphans, as well as eating iftar dishes together provided by the company.

The wisdom of opening together is to add knowledge, open social interaction in the company environment, because the momentum of Ramadan is to improve yourself into a better person and avoid futile actions. And increase cooperation between individuals and each department.

Social Services PT. Astom Indonesia 2019

"Sharing happiness with PT. Astom Indonesia"

Social Service is a routine activity carried out by all employees, Kopkar, PUK and DKM Masjid An Nur (PT. Astom Indonesia). At the end of each year where we always set aside some windfall and do social services, activities filled with assistance in the form of food, food, and sharing happiness and moral support to the community in every place.

This activity was formed in order to achieve a sense of concern for the people in need ranging from orphanages, boarding schools, dhuafa and places affected by natural disasters as carried out by fellow representatives of PT. Astom Indonesia at the beginning of each year. In the period of 2019, social services were held in Sumber Jaya village, Sumur, Banten on Saturday, January 26, 2019.

At that time Team Baksos distributed assistance to our brothers and sisters affected by the Earthquake &tsunami disaster and crossed paths to Pondok Pesantren Panti Yatim and Orphan in Padegelang, Banten and provided compensation to orphans & orphans.

There are many lessons that can be taken from social devotional activities ranging from adding insight and social knowledge, helping to form one's attitude and personality, fostering a high sense of morality, fostering a passion for new inspiration, developing personality and mutual care, being able to feel the beauty of sharing with others, and we can be happy when we can give something useful to others.

Hopefully every year employees, Kopkar, PUK and DKM An Nur PT Astom Indonesia still aretiqomah organizing social service activities. It can also increase donations for people in need. Aamiin